Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Weekend in Review

Friday - I worked all day while Nik and Jaxen hung out. Last week, I worked so much…which is good, but also a little tiring and I miss being at the house, hanging out with my family. So Nik pretty much had Jaxen all to himself - but when I got home we all went on a little family walk. Or what I really mean is…I went on a walk. Nik was on his bike and Jaxen was on Mater…

Jaxen loves “driving” through our neighborhood!

We took him to the church parking lot so he could have a huge area to ride in!

Nik was standing on his bike, so Jaxen was standing on his Mater. Too funny!

I made Spaghetti for dinner - because that is one of Jaxen’s favorite food. He ate 3 helpings of it, some green beans and 7 meatballs. 7. Nik only ate 6. Ha ha!

This is his very messy face and 2 drinks from dinner.

We ended the night with a movie. I love movie nights!

Saturday - We were supposed to hang out with some friends that morning, but one of their kids was sick, and Jaxen was still not feeling up to par - so we cancelled. Instead, we went shopping! Actually, the way it happened was… I pulled out all of Jaxen's shorts and jeans (and then tried them on him) and made a list of clothes he would need to get through summer. And once that was done, I was on a roll and determined to check that off my to-do-list. So within 20 minutes we were all ready for the day, and out the door. We hit 3 stores and did some fast shopping.

We purchased 1 pair of jeans, 4 t-shirts, 2 polos, 2 pajamas, and 1 green pair of shoes.

We still need another pair of shoes (remember his cute navy slip-ons from last summer? I want those again) and some low cut socks.

After Jaxen’s (incredibly long nap) we went out for dinner at Chipotle. I love getting a salad from there. And I crave it all week long. Yummy!

Here is Jaxen before bed (in cute new pajamas). Insisting he wear his hat in the picture!

Sunday - We had a great morning at church!

Sunday Selfies

That afternoon Jaxen napped and I made desserts. I was requested to make Chocolate Chip Lava Cookies and a Peanut Butter Pie for a dessert auction / variety show that we attended that night. It was a long night, but we had a great time!

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