Monday, May 11, 2015

Potty Training - Day 3

Day 3 of potty training started out with one happy, cute boy - in his big boy undies!

He just loves checking himself out in the mirror!

Before he went downstairs, he had to get his 3 favorite animals.

I decided to take it a bit easier on Day 3 and just see where Jaxen was with all this potty-training business. So I did not set a timer. I just asked if he need to go potty. And he told me “no” over and over again. About an hour into the morning, he finally said “yes" - and he actually went potty!

I had some work to do that morning so I left Nik in charge of the potty training and the report when I got home that afternoon was 2 accidents and Jaxen never said he needed to go on his own. Bummer.

After nap (which was 3 hours long!) he did great! He was telling us he needed to go, and going with no accidents. Same all evening. And even when he went to bed, he hollered for me about 30 minutes later, telling me he needed to potty! So I got him out of bed, took off his diaper and he went potty!!!

We still have a bit to go with potty training but I think he is doing really well with it all, and off to a great start. We still have poo-poo accidents everyday…but we are hanging in there! I’ll stop the day-by-day recaps…it’s just nice to have all this for memories and/or recaps when someone asks me specific potty-training questions!

Now on to some fun pictures from day 3!

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