Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Sunday - A Great Day

Sunday was a great day!

First - Jaxen and I dressed patriotic (red, white, blue) for Memorial Day! Nik did not. So he did not get to have his picture taken with us (ha ha).

Second - after church we ate lunch with some friends that will be moving soon, so we are trying to soak up all the time with them that we can!

Third - Sunday evening we enjoyed a wonderful BBQ and time with friends!

And the funniest thing happened…Jaxen started out playing with the water in this hot tub.

Then…because he wanted in it so bad, Caidyn let him “dangle his feet in”.

That lasted about one full minute.
Next thing I knew…he was stripped out of his clothes and in this hot tub (that was not hot)!

Not long after, Caidyn and Celtin decided to join him.

Jaxen had the best time “swimming” in the “pool”!

After a good meal - we ventured over to the field behind our house and everyone played a game of softball!

Ciersyn entertained the littles on some kind of skateboard - and the littles loved it!

Jaxen tried it by himself…and ended up with more bloody knees. Poor guy.

He had fun with his own glove and ball…
until he hit a 10 month old in the head with it. Oops. 

We went home after that!

A gorgeous night sky as the sun was setting.

Good friends, good food, good weather = A GREAT DAY!!!

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