Saturday, May 2, 2015

Random Pics

Jaxen update: He went to the doctor on Friday because he still was not himself. They tested for a few things, but when all was said and done - he has a cold. And it is still wiping him out. This is normal, and may last a few more days. Poor boy. I’m ready for him to feel better!

Our Sunday Selfies - this is the best I could get.

Sitting with all his animals in front of the heater vent - his favorite spot!

Sick boy, sleeping on his momma.

Napping with his “monkey”

Eating chips…one of the few foods I could get him to eat earlier in the week.

Aren’t these shoes the most adorable? I went out and bought them for Jaxen today.
Along with some other summer clothes he was needing.

We took a walk on the Black River Trail Thursday, and had the best time together!

He loved watching the water below.

Thankfully, I found a little creek that he could play in, and he loved it!
The river is not for playing…way too fast.


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