Friday, May 8, 2015

Potty Training - Day 2

So Day 2 started out well! Jaxen was really excited to pick out his undies when he woke up and even went potty the first few times with no accidents!

I was experimenting with different sitting positions on the potty…forward and backward.
(I heard from a friend that she taught her kids to sit backwards, because it was easier).

As the morning wore on, we had 2 accidents...but overall it went very well! 

He spent a lot of time on his iPad, in the kitchen, during the first half of the morning….which is what was keeping him in the kitchen. Haha! Thankfully, it was a georgeous day so we headed outside to enjoy some sunshine!

While we were outside he had a poo-poo accident. And just because I'm in the sharing mood… Once we made it inside, the poo-poo fell out of his undies (while taking his undies off) - and then he stepped in it!!! Seriously. This potty training thing is not for wimps!

Did I mention yet how nice the weather is here this week?
Because it is totally gorgeous! Trees are blooming, grass is growing and the sun is shining!

After that little incident, he told me 3 times in a row that he had to potty before our timer went off (yea!!!). So I think it’s starting to click for him.

And one more proud momma moment - as we were laying down for afternoon nap, he looked at me and said "potty" and went potty!!!! I'm a little bit excited. Can you tell?!?

To keep myself busy today (while hanging out in the kitchen again) I did some laundry and played lots of Words with Friends on my phone. 

Then while Jaxen napped I got busy and primed the trim of our empty bedroom.

This will eventually become Jaxen’s room. There are just a few things to do in there first: prime, paint (hopefully just one coat), buy a dresser, purchase new 'big boy' bedding, decide whether or not to paint his furniture, have blinds hung, and then decorate. It will take some time as we put it all together. We are in no rush… but now that I’m getting started, I’m excited for it to be done and get Jaxen in it!

After nap time we had Speech Therapy and someone here working on our house (fixing our back door) - so Jaxen was very distracted while potty-ing. But…no accidents! And then I left. After being on “potty timer duty” for 2 solid days, I left! It was a very nice, needed break. Nik was in charge of potty training and it went well. There was one accident, but Jaxen was still telling him when he needed to go (for the most part).

Next up…Day 3! Are you tired of potty talk yet? Come back in a few days if you are and hopefully I will be done with so many details!

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