Thursday, May 21, 2015

A Visit to the Dentist

Last week I took Jaxen to the dentist for his mid-year checkup. 

And if you can’t tell from the above picture…He did awesome!
He walked right in, handed me his juice, and sat down.
The minute she put sunglasses on him - he was good to go!

She was great with him - talked to him the whole time and was just really sweet.

She was able to do a visual exam (he has all of his teeth in, and has great spacing between), 
a full cleaning, some treatments, and she even flossed his teeth!
I could not believe that he sat there perfectly still while she was doing all that.

When we were done - he got a goody bag of stuff.
He loved it because he got to pick out his toothbrush and stickers.

We already made an appointment for him to return in 6 months.
I’m so glad I found a great dentist to take Jaxen to!


  1. No kidding! Remember how mean our dentist was to us? I think I am still traumatized.

  2. I keep trying to tell my children that if they would just behave that everything down the road is so much easier. It looks like you have already found that secret formula and that you will not have to worry about tooth issues like cavities down the road. I am trying to tell my kids to try now but it often falls on deaf ears.