Friday, May 22, 2015

My Child This Week

Monday morning started out with Jaxen finding a bottle of Windex that I left upstairs (in my bedroom). Upon finding it, he had the best time squirting windex all over the sheets of my bed. They were soaked with windex. And I was not happy. He has been banned from Windex for at least 2 years!

It just so happened that we were matching on this day (both wearing navy shirts) 
and so I made Jaxen take a selfie with me!

And then I went to put on his shoes…and this kid insisted that he wear these brown boots. We fought for a few minutes and then I gave up. So this is what my child looked like on Monday. Don’t be jealous! ha ha.

His shirt looks funny because he was carrying a bottle of garlic powder 
in his pocket that we were taking to a neighbor!


Jaxen was back at his favorite spot this week...
It has been cold here this week and once our heater kicked on - 
Jaxen brought his toys over and made himself comfortable!


Have you ever heard the phrase “summer knees”? I recently heard it, but that is exactly what Jaxen has right now! The first week of wearing shorts, and this is what his knees look like!


Does this cutie look older or what?! 
I cannot believe he will be three in just a few weeks!


Oh, and by the way - I am losing my hair. It is falling out in unbelievable amounts. Think about an animal shedding their winter coat. Yup, that’s me right now. Or at least it feels like it!

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