Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Monday Adventures

Monday I had a few errands to run and was extremely nervous about doing them with Jaxen (especially since Monday morning we had 2 potty accidents!).

About 10am I decided I had to go at some point. So off we went. After going potty, of course. We met Nik at the gas station (that is a funny sentence for some reason!). He was running church errands and he knew both cars needed gas. Hence, why we met at the gas station. While Nik was pumping gas, I asked Jaxen if he had to go potty. Yes. So we trekked into the gas station and he went! I was so proud of him for going in a new place, and without a potty seat!!!!

So we went on to Wal-Mart and did all our shopping - before we left, I asked again, if he had to go potty. Yes. Success again!!!!  

And I have to share this sweet story with you....

I have decided to really work on Jaxen becoming a big helper, especially when we are out and about. Whether that may be helping him learn to push the cart, put things in the cart or help in other ways. Now, with helping comes listening and obeying and those two things right there are so hard to teach! Monday, Jaxen decided to push the cart. I was trying to patiently guide him but let him do it. He was being pretty good and actually listening semi-well. As we were walking down an aisle this sweet older couple commented on how helpful and nice Jaxen was being! We said thank you and Jaxen gave them high fives and they wished me a happy Mother's Day. We were about to move on when the gentleman stopped me and asked if it was ok to reward Jaxen for his helpfulness and good behavior! I agreed and so he gave Jaxen a quarter and Jaxen was so thrilled! He held tight to that quarter and I told him we could get a treat with it on the way out. So he picked out some candy from a little dispenser as we were leaving. That couple made my day. They were so sweet to Jaxen and myself! 

Here is Jaxen, with his skittles that he bought with his quarter.

We continued on to Sam’s and Jaxen helped by carrying the lettuce...until he spotted the free sample spot. Nik always gets him whatever the free sample was. It was fruit snacks, so I let Jaxen have them. Then our day went a little downhill. He would not stopping touching a button at the checkout and so I had to take the fruit snacks away. Cue big tantrum! I carried him out screaming. That has not happened in a long time! And in the process, I think we lost his blue sunglasses. Sad. But on a good note, no more potty accidents!

Jaxen, being a big helper, carrying the lettuce through Sams!

That afternoon, I decided to have a little quiet time outside while Jaxen was napping.
This is my new favorite view. Out back, looking at all the pretty trees!

That afternoon we were waiting on Lindsey, Jaxen’s Speech Therapist, 
when Jaxen decided to read the mail!
(we are classy like that, reading mail, outside, in undies!)

To finish the night off, Nik and Jaxen had a great adventure on the bike!

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