Thursday, May 7, 2015

Potty Training - Day 1

I mentioned last week that I was about ready to potty train Jaxen. And then he got sick. So my plans changed a bit. I still had not gone to the store to purchase "goodies for bribing" but I was ready to potty train regardless....goodies or not!

So yesterday, when Jaxen was still sleeping (past normal finally) I decided it was a good day to start! We both had a good night’s rest and I was ready to tackle this milestone. 

Jaxen woke up at 8:40 and I did not put him on his changing table to change his diaper. I just let him stand on the floor and we pulled his diaper off - I showed him all of his undies and let him pick one. We put his undies on with a shirt and walked down stairs. I immediately started him on juice and showed him the new potty seat I had on our toilet. 

Ten minutes later I put him on the potty. He did not want to be there. So I gave him my phone to play with while we sat there for 5 minutes, trying to get him to potty. Then we set up shop in the kitchen - I decided we would hang out there for the day (it was the best place for cleaning up messes). And good thing...because after 6 sits on the potty (not going) he had 4 accidents in a row, on the kitchen floor! And I thought about quitting. Honestly. I thought he just might not be ready. I was a bit discouraged.

Entertaining Jaxen in the kitchen.

But I pushed through and he finally went pee-pee in the potty and I gave him some candy to celebrate! He went again and I gave him chips. Then again, more chips. FYI: In my research, I read to give them salty foods while potty training because that makes them drink more and then they will need to go potty more!

Thank goodness for movies on the iPad...and chips and juice!

I even let him take his snack to the potty while we sat there, trying to go!

So I'm not winning any healthy-food-mom awards these few days... But all of “normal" is being thrown out the window as I try to train Jaxen to pee-pee on the potty! 

If you're wondering what I did all day... I was right there with Jaxen in the kitchen. We played with trucks and toys and watched movies and I also took the opportunity to clean behind my washer, dryer, stove, and fridge. (All on my spring to do list!) And then every 15 minutes my timer would go off. And we would head to the potty. If he didn't go, I would set my timer for every 10 minutes until he went. 

Playing with different things while sitting on the potty, to keep him entertained!

Eating a good lunch, in just his undies!

So the morning overall, went good! Then noon came…. All of a sudden I knew Jaxen had gone poo in his undies. I'll spare anymore details than that, but it was ok. And we flushed it and talked about how poo goes in the potty. Got cleaned up and kept going.

He liked just hanging out in his undies...still on the kitchen floor!

For nap time I put him in Pull-Ups. Then after nap we headed outside. We had one more poo incident, but also had success at pee-pee in the potty!

Having fun outside!

We stayed in undies all evening. Jaxen did pretty well. We still had an accident that evening... But when I told him it was time to potty - he would run to the bathroom, drop his undies, sit down and try to go. He was getting frustrated if he didnt' go right away and would sometimes cry and yell "stuck"! (Which I think is kind of funny!).

Golfing in his undies, outside!

After day 1 - I don't know if he recognized that his body was telling him he needed to go, but I knew we would keep trying! Although, he did tell me one time, before bed that he had to potty. I knew this would come with time and get better. Until then, I planned to keep setting a potty timer. 

My plans for day 2 were about the same…so stayed tuned!

One more thing. I was WIPED OUT. This is serious business! I kept hearing my timer go off (in my head) even though wasn't. Plus my back hurt from all the time spent sitting on the side of the tub, helping him to potty. 

Jaxen was getting a bit creative as we sat on the potty, and loved playing "in" his shirt.

I finally let him hang out in the sitting room (on a rug) and we did many puzzles!

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