Monday, May 4, 2015

Monday Mornings!

Good Morning!

I don’t know if you know this about me, but I am (overall) a morning person. I especially like Monday mornings. I know that most people do not…but I do. And I was reminded of both of these things this morning.

Jaxen woke up at 6:10am. That is about 2 hours earlier than normal. Which tells me, spring is here (meaning the sun is up way more than it’s down) and it is officially time to “foil” Jaxen’s window. And I know that “foiling windows" is a little trailer-park-ish (and a little fact…the first time I ever did it, I lived in a trailer park! Ha ha) but it’s the only thing that works. He has thick curtains already, plus I purchased a shade last year as well. The sun still peaks through and wakes him up. So that is what I plan on doing today - foiling his windows!

So, back to Monday mornings. I love them because it is a fresh start to the week. A time to “clean up” from the weekend and start new. Even when I worked, I loved Monday mornings and would often show up early just to get a head start!

Because I was up so early I gave Jaxen milk, a pen, paper and some cars to play with. That kept him entertained while I made this weeks to-do-list, sent some emails, menu planned, made a grocery list and started some laundry. Currently, he is watching cartoons while I type this blog. Then I plan starting a bit more laundry and then getting ready for the day. We have to grocery shop and run a few errands. Then I want to take him to the park before lunch….put him down for a good nap…and then he has Speech Therapy and we have dinner guests. Sounds like a fun day, huh? Oh, and there will probably be a Sonic run in there somewhere!

So happy Monday, everyone. I will have a weekend recap blog up later….stay tuned. Nothing major happened, but there are some pretty cute pictures of Jaxen!

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