Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother, Mom, Mommy, Mama…or Omm-ma!

Jaxen Houston Davis - 1 day old

 July 4th, 2012

I don’t know if you know this or not…but because of Jaxen’s problem with his speech (as in - there was no speech happening for a very long time) he never said “mommy”. It never really hit home that he didn’t call me mommy (probably because he said so little for so long) until I heard another little boy (younger than Jaxen) call for his mommy one day. 

And then I will never forget the feeling I had during his first speech evaluation, when they asked me if he said “mommy”. I answered no, and the lady was shocked. She then got sad for me. And then I got sad! Maybe I was hormonal that day…but it made me really sad that he did not call me mommy.

Fast forward almost one year….Jaxen’s speech therapist works with him on saying “mommy” every session. Whether they are working on “m’s” or not…she always make him acknowledge that I am indeed “mommy”. There are now incidences here and there that Jaxen calls me mommy all on his own. Not often, but it sure does make my mommy-heart swell up when I hear that name. Especially because it is coming from his cute little voice - and it’s more like “omm-ma”….which is pretty sweet!

I sure do love that boy. And the last few days as we have been potty-training it seems as if our bond has grown even more. It could be that I’m just super proud of him; or it could be that we had been literally attached to the hip for a few solid days…me watching his every move! Either way - I love him more and more as he grows more and more.

Just the other day I was on the phone talking with a preschool in town that specializes with special needs kids and therapy kids. I’m not really sure where we are at with sending him there in the fall…it was just a phone call to get more information. But when I thought of him not being home during the day with me, it made me a bit sad. Not that I don’t need my breaks from him - but I’m not sure that I’m okay sending him out the door to pre-pre-school at 3. He will be out the door and away from me enough of his life. So - no news there…just thoughts on how even though he is getting older, acting older, learning to potty, almost transitioning to a big-boy room…all just reminders of how blessed I am to be a mom. And how blessed I am that God entrusted me with this sweet little boy!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms out there…. 
It is a special privilege that we get to be one.

And thank you, to our moms…for loving us the way only a mother can love. 
We miss you and love you!

Me with my mom, mamaw and Jaxen - 2012

Me with Nik’s mom and Jaxen - 2015

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