Friday, July 18, 2014

Wednesday, Hearing Evaluation, and Other Thoughts

Well, I had to break my “no cooking plan" while Nik is gone. Jaxen loves spaghetti (Nik, not so much) and we had all the ingredients…so I fixed that for dinner Wednesday night. I’m not sure you can really even call it “cooking”. No prep work. Takes 10 minutes. But there is dishes…so maybe.

I ran into one of my neighbors and she knew Nik was out of town and offered me some leftover steak. Score! Hopefully, that means I only have to break my plan once!

The rest of my plans have been going great….I have cleaned something each day, and have done one fun thing (out of the house) each day.

Wednesday was a busy day and so this had to count as our fun outside activity..

Watching the big trucks scoop and dump dirt!

We helped with VBS that morning and then had to go to a hearing exam for Jaxen. Afterward, while walking to the car, we saw this construction happening. Jaxen was thrilled with watching. I was thrilled he was so excited! Even passerby’s commented on how excited he was. One old man walking by even said “One day he will tell his kids he watched this building go up!” Not sure about that…but he was sweet to stop and talk to us!

After nap and dinner we headed to church!

This kid. He cracks me up! This was on our walk/ride home from church. 
And I have to say…so glad we bought this wagon! 
It has been so handy. And Jaxen loves it!

So - Jaxen’s Hearing Evaluation went well. I was not concerned with his hearing, but the speech therapist did say that sometimes there can be fluid and buildup in an ear that makes them hear everything “mumbled” and that can delay speech. That was not the case. No fluid, no buildup and Jaxen passed all the tests with flying colors. He can hear. His ears are not a connection to his speech. Good to know.

I know that I am home with Jaxen everyday and things shouldn’t be much different while Nik is gone - but this week has given me a chance to be more intentional and focused on him. I like that. So often he is kind of in the “background” with everything else going on and this week has been so much fun, fully concentrating on him. I like to think of this week as “Jaxen and Mommy’s Week of (extra) Fun!” Hahaha! Something like that!

So far, so good! And I just have to say…Isn’t it amazing when God pours out extra grace and patience and love when you need it the most? Single-parenting is not easy. But I totally feel God’s presence this week and I feel myself needing and being supplied with God’s “extras"! Thank you.

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  1. Oh Carla! I love that you and Jaxen had this special week. It looks like you guys are having the best time!