Monday, July 28, 2014


Today I had to say good-bye to some very great friends - The Chandlers.

We met the Chandlers when we lived in Texas...on our very first day there, one of their sons came and mowed our lawn. From that first day, we have loved them. We have had (at some point) all four of their boys in our youth group! 

They moved to New York a little more than 2 years ago, and are now moving on to Missouri. This family has been such a great support to us as we moved and settled into life in New York. Becky and Jim became instant adoptive grandparents and their boys were instant older brothers to Jaxen. They played with him, loved on him and cared for him. They treated Nik and myself pretty good too! We were a part of their family, and they, ours.

The world is so small, I know we never really say "good-bye" because chances are that we will see them again! But it is still hard and sad when friends move away. We just said good-bye to a bunch of amazing people just 4 (short) months ago. I was not really ready to do it again. But I did.

I will miss those people.

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