Saturday, July 19, 2014


Only one picture for you today….

Thursday started out with chores (cleaned upstairs bath and vacuumed upstairs) and then we were back at the church for another VBS prep workday. My main job has been painting murals to hang on the walls. The job itself is not hard…however, having a 2 year old around makes it extremely hard! Thankfully, there is usually a couple of other kids who are there and try to keep Jaxen entertained for me. It works about half the time. The other half, he is sitting right next to me or in my lap while I paint. There have been a few messes. But overall, it has been okay!

We were finished and home by lunch.

Once Jaxen went down for a nap - I started to get overwhelmed. Overwhelmed with all the stuff that needs to happen in the next 3 days. So I started making lists, and planning and working on chores and things that needed to get done…and Jaxen decided to wake up. After only a one hour nap. That was not near long enough for me to get my work done! And then he would not leave me alone once he was awake. He was being very clingy. So I decided no work would happen and we left for our adventure of the day.

We met up with the Chandlers and we went on a hike. The above picture is the only one I have because I didn’t take my phone with me. But I love this picture. Jaxen adores these two boys and they pretty much adore him as well.

On our hike we came to the river and there we spent a ton of time throwing rocks into the water. I think that is now Jaxen’s favorite thing to do. He loved it. Especially when someone would throw a really big rock in, and make a big splash! It was a lot of fun.

After the hike, we went to dinner and then I helped out at their home. They had an inspection Friday  (they are moving soon) and she needed help with a few projects.

Once we got home, I had to give Jaxen a bath because the amount of dirt and rocks on that kid (and in his hair) were unbelievable. He finally got to bed at 9pm and I quickly went outside to mow the grass. It needed it and good thing it’s not a big yard, because it was getting dark on me!

It was a fun day…but there is just a lot to do between now and Sunday. Nik gets home Saturday afternoon and 24 hours later, we all load up and will be out of town the whole next week! I’ll share more later on that. I have to go now and get busy!

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  1. Where are the Chandlers going? Where are you guys going? All of these unanswered questions! I am in suspense!