Saturday, July 12, 2014

Cheddar Cheese Festival!

Guess what we did today? We went to the Cheddar Cheese Festival! It was held in a small town, about 20 minutes away. Nik knows how much I love my cheddar cheese (runs in the family - I get it from my Papaw and mom!) so he suggested we go. And I’m glad we did. 

We piled Jaxen in his wagon with plenty of food and drink (that is what keeps this kid in his wagon - ha!) and we headed out. 

There were a lot of vendors scattered about and honestly, I thought there would be more cheese there. Cheese Festival, right? Well, most of it was the same kind of vendors you see anywhere. But they did have this great Kid Zone area. They gave out a free ice cream cone, free book, free balloon and also had some bounce houses, goats, alpacas and pony rides!

We pretty much walked the whole thing and then decided to get some cheese. We heard (while we were out walking) how good this cheese was. And they were right! We got to sample some before we bought it. And I guess it was at a reduced rate at the festival instead of purchasing it in the store. Who knows. But this is the cheese we bought…

Adams Reserve New York Extra Sharp Cheddar (right) and 3x Cheddar Cheese (left). The 3x stand for how aged it is (3 years). Apparently, that is the good stuff to cook with. I am looking over some recipes from their website…planning to make some yummy stuff!

After we purchased cheese and lemonade we came back home. Nik had a training to attend and I had some baking to do for tomorrow. Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies and a Lemon/Orange Bundt  Cake - done!

Jaxen napped while I baked. He was so sweet while he was napping today. Just take a look…

I love how sweet his hands are, clasped together. I love his hands and his feet. They are precious!

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