Wednesday, July 16, 2014

PALCON (Overdue)

This is another post I had in my “drafts” that was never published!


Here are a few pictures from PALCON (Pastors and Leaders Conference) - in Boston!

On the way, we stopped for gas, bathroom breaks and donuts!
Pastor Chad, Misty, Me and Nik

Hello Boston. I love this city.

While we were there, we had one free afternoon/evening in Boston. Fun! Don’t worry - the rest of the conference time we spent in session and worship. It was a really good conference. I learned a few things and enjoyed the speakers and special breakout sessions they offered.

But back to our free time…One of the best things about this free time was that we were able to spend great one-on-one time with our Pastor (Chad) and his wife Misty. We pretty much walked the city (about 8 miles that afternoon) and “ate” our way through it! We stopped at various food places along the way just for a “snack”. Well, many snacks later we were totally stuffed!

Here we are on the train going into the city 
(we stayed about 8 miles outside of the city for the conference).
Chad, Misty, Me, Nik

And it was hot! Like, very hot that day. Just FYI.

Quincy Market. What a fun place!

Such pretty buildings. Everywhere there.

One of the (many) places we stopped for food was at Mike’s Pastry. We were too full from all the other food to eat our goodies then, so we had them the next day for dessert.

Red Velvet Cupcake and a Whoopie Pie.

Before we left, we sat on the beach (waiting for rush hour to die down).

That is all the pics I have of our time there…everyone else has some on their phones…probably lots more group shots of us different places in the city. 


Now that I think about it, I probably never posted this with the intention to get more pics from our time there. Oh Well, you get what you get!

More blogs of all the fun Jaxen and I are having without Nik coming soon….!

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