Sunday, July 6, 2014

July 4th Celebrations

We had a really wonderful time, celebrating the 4th (twice)!

First, on Wednesday, Watertown had their firework show at the park right behind the church and our house. (Don’t ask me why they do it on the 2nd…that’s just the way they do it and no one knows why). So that evening the church provided free hot dogs, popcorn, cotton candy and lemonade to anyone who was at the church or in the field to watch the fireworks. There were a lot of people from the neighborhoods who gathered there to watch. It was a long night…but lots of fun!

Right before we left and went to the church
(Nik was trying to get Jaxen to smile big - ha!)

We arrived a little after 5 to start setting up everything. There was a bounce house setup for the little kids and everyone had a great time, just hanging out. Closer to dark, a lot of people from the surrounding neighborhoods came out. We walked around and handed out the free food along with glow sticks - everything was a hit! 

About 9:30 the fireworks started and they were great. Even though we were below the park, those fireworks were still so close and so big!

We actually had company arrive about 10 minutes before the fireworks started. My boss from Temple, Gary and his two daughters came to see us! They were on their way to a mission trip in Vermont and came a few days early so they could hang out with us. I’m so glad they did! I don’t have any pictures from their time here…bummer. But it was great to see them and share our new life with them.

They took off Friday morning and Friday night we were invited out to some people's Lake Cottage. (Our second celebration!) They had family there but we just fit right in! I love that.

Here are some pics from that night (a little spastic and in no order)...

Jaxen and Nik playing in the lake

Jaxen loved this canoe and spent a lot of time in it (outside of the water - ha!)

Playing with the toys once it was too cold to go in the water

Nik and Jaxen…the water was too cold for me that day!

This was my view...

Nik got to take out their new toy….the jet ski!

It was such a beautiful night!

My friend, Becky was there as well.
Yes, we are in sweatshirts…it was cold early that evening!!!
It rained for about an hour and that cooled everything off.

This was by far, the coldest 4th of July I have ever had!
Very different from the 100+ degrees of central Texas!

Once the fire was lit, we stayed warm.

Such a pretty place.

There were 3 little dogs running around and Jaxen enjoyed chasing them!

See the rainbow? It was a double rainbow - you have to look closely.

Family pic - take #1. Jaxen was trying to put my sweatshirt string in my ear.

Family pic - take #2. Good!

We grilled out and had s’mores. And let me tell you. I have a new way of doing s’mores and I will probably never go back…. Ready…..

Graham Crackers, Marshmallows (toasted to golden) and….

REESES PEANUT BUTTER CUPS (instead of a hershey’s bar). GENIUS! SOOO GOOD!!!!

After the swimming and the delicious food we watched the fireworks across the bay. One of the small towns had a show. They were nice, but we were not near as close as Wednesday. The cool thing though, was that we saw lots of random fireworks all along the bay across the lake - that was cool.

We had a great time celebrating the 4th of July!

On Sunday Nik preached in “big church” a message about the freedom we have in Christ. It was a really great message - focusing on the most important kind of freedom we have!

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