Monday, July 21, 2014

Saturday - Nik Came Home!

This was the last day of “Jaxen and Mommy’s Week of (extra) Fun!” Which also means that this is the last day of posts explaining our entire day to you! It has been fun for me to document this time though, and I hope you have enjoyed it as well. But there is no way I can blog this much when Nik has his computer the majority of the time. Or when Nik is actually home. Because I like spending time with him too :)

Our week was fun. Lots of fun. Not everyday went as planned but I achieved my goal: To be intentional about the time I spent with Jaxen and to have (extra) fun with him! And…I also cleaned something everyday and only cooked one meal all week! That was really fun!

Side note: I don’t think I ever really thought about the time it takes to plan a menu, a grocery list (with a pretty tight budget), to do the actual shopping (sometimes at multiple stores), put away food, prep all the snacks and meals the day prior or day of (thawing meat, marinating, cutting fruit…), cooking the meal (although, in the summer we grill a lot), cleaning and doing dishes!!! Whew, that’s a lot of work! That probably made it sound worse than it actually is. I do enjoying doing all that but it was nice to take a break from it. I’m glad that we had enough groceries and leftovers for me not to have to cook or go to the grocery store this week. And…I stayed within my “eat-out budget”! Not cooking is not worth breaking the bank, either :)

That was a long side note. Sorry.

So Saturday went like this…

Jaxen slept in - Woo Hoo!!! Which meant, I got a good handle on packing and doing some chores before he got up. And he was well rested…which meant a happy 2-year old!

After he woke up we cuddled.

And then I pretty much let him watch TV and play the entire morning!

About 12:30pm we picked Nik up from the church. It was pretty much the sweetest moment…Jaxen running so hard and fast to Nik when he got out of the car… pretty stinkin’ sweet. And then Nik could not leave Jaxens side all day. (A nice break for me, I might add!)

We took Nik out to lunch, ran to the store and then I let him go home and rest up while I worked on his laundry. It was funny…we unloaded his bag in the kitchen, washed everything, dried it, folded it and put it right back in his bag to leave the next day - It worked well!

We stayed in that night and had steak for dinner. A special treat after a week of camp food!


  1. So.....where the heck are you guys going? To come see me? Is that why you won't say? Please oh please tell me.....I'm dying here!