Thursday, July 17, 2014

Tuesday - More Fun

And the fun continues this week...

I took Jaxen to the movies Tuesday morning!
Bad picture…but this was us right before the movie started. He was excited!

During the movie. 
He was focused. Didn’t even finish his milk or fruit snacks…
and if you know my kid, that is a big deal. He loves fruit snacks!

 After the movie, we ate in the mall food court…pizza.

That evening, I needed to get some exercise in and so we walked up to the park.
And then I let Jaxen play. We left when the big kids were playing tag and 
stopped looking out for the little ones. But he was wiped when we left - he had played hard!

Side note: Remember the picture on the left (back in April)? 
Jaxen finally likes walks again (see right picture).

Another Side note: I am not normally a fan of camo-clothing….
but I cannot get over how cute these camo shorts are on Jaxen! 

Swinging - he only likes this until he sees other kids playing on something different. 
Then he is done!

 Cute boy, in cute shorts!

Tired from all the running around (I was tired too!)
It is hard to keep up with him on this playground!

Going down the slide before we headed home!

Also…Remember how I told you about his new blanket attachment? Well, I don’t think there is any issue there. Yesterday I decided to wash it. So I snuck it away when he was not looking. He went down for a nap without it and when I put him to bed, I gave him a different blanket and he took it. No problem. Glad it did not become a bigger deal than it was!

And…I’m tired. Just sayin’. The first night Nik was gone, I slept good. The second night…not so much. I heard noises. It was a long, restless night! The third night (last night) was okay. Good sleep, just not enough of it!

P.S. I hope you are enjoying all the blog posts this week! I know I am blowing some of you away with how much I am posting (verses the 2-3 times a week posts I had been doing). This is what happens when Nik leaves his computer at home. Don’t get used to it, though!

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  1. Just so you know...I am loving all of the blog posts. They really make me feel guilty about not posting. Anyway, maybe this week you will see one from me. By the way, the shorts are SO cute.