Monday, July 21, 2014

Friday - Our Last Day Alone

Friday was the day I had a little melt down. I’m just keeping it real! Jaxen did not sleep very long on Thursday night and was therefore super tired and grumpy. He could not figure out what he wanted and nothing made him happy for more than 1 minute. I finally put him down for an early nap and he woke up after only 1 hour. That was not enough time for him. Or me. I still had lots of things to and was hoping to accomplish them this day. Know what I mean?! I decided to lay him back down - and after 45 minutes of trying to get him to nap again... I gave up.

That was about the time Nik called. Yea! (I have only been talking to him sporadically and for a few minutes each time. It had been about 24 hours at this point since I had talked to him…so I was so excited he called). Well, Jaxen would not have it. He cried and screamed and threw tantrums the whole time I was on the phone. Not fun. Once I hung up the phone is when I had my little melt down. I was so mad at Jaxen! First, because of his tiredness and grumpiness the day had not gone at all how I planned. And second, all I wanted to do was talk to Nik. I missed him! And he would not stop throwing fits!

I finally calmed down. Well, kind of. Basically, I have learned when Jaxen and I get in this kind of groove (him hurting my feelings) the best thing is a change of scenery. So we left home. And I went and got a Coke. And then we ran errands. I did them as fast as I could. But it took a couple of hours.

And that is where the picture of the day comes in…

So this picture…It was taken outside of Wal-Mart at our car. But I’m going to try and explain the reason I took this picture…

Inside the store, I was pushing the cart and Jaxen insisted on sitting on top of this cooler. I was nervous at first he would fall off, but I assure you, he was safe. So once he was on the cooler, he put his sunglasses on and was literally waving and talking (in his gibberish) to EVERYONE. I was trying so hard not to laugh! But as I passed people, I could hear them laughing at him! He was a riot! Can you picture it?! I hope so…because it really was so funny. It was almost like he was in a parade - maybe like running for election or something the way he was sweet talking everyone and waving. TOO FUNNY!!!!

And that changed the whole mood of the day and we were both much better! I finished errand running and went to a friends house to eat dessert and let Jaxen play. We were home by 9:30. And thankfully, Jaxen slept in a little on Saturday and I was able to get lots accomplished for our upcoming trip! 

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  1. I am so glad that you thought to change the scene. I usually don't think of it until the ENTIRE day is ruined. He was probably missing Nik as much as you were. I love that he is such a funny little guy! Sounds like it all turned out OK. I am still curious as to where you guys are going.