Monday, July 14, 2014

Rainy Night (Overdue Post)

As I was going through “drafts" of posts for this blog…I realized I did not ever publish two of my blog posts! So this post is from awhile back and I will probably publish the other one later this week.


The same day this picture was taken (weeks ago)…

it rained later in the evening.

I decided it would be fun for Jaxen to take out the umbrella and actually play in the rain!

It’s hard to tell that it is raining… but it was a good, light rain.

He had so much fun with his umbrella, riding around on his bike!

And then he decided to play basketball with Nik...

Nik would throw Jaxen in the air with the basketball to let him shoot.

He never got close to the basket, but loved being thrown in the air!

After playing basketball, 
I took Jaxen for a walk in the wagon around the neighborhood - 
and then we all went inside.

We were soaked. But happy and soaked!

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