Thursday, July 31, 2014

Thoughts from Wednesday

1. The past two days have been very cool here....60's and rainy. I actually like this weather, but it is so hard to get used to dressing in layers at the end of July!

2. VBS is approaching fast! My job during the actual week is registration. Right now I am busy making name tags and putting kids in groups who have already registered. Also - The VBS director holds about 2 work days a week so Jaxen and I go as much as we can to help out (a perk of not working outside the home!). Here are a few pictures of the stuff we are making -

It is all still 'in progress' but it is coming along nicely! 
I am having lots of fun with it!

3. After church on Wednesday nights I normally let Jaxen watch part of a movie before bed, to help him "wind down" after all the fun and excitement of church! Last night, this is how I found him when I went to tell him it was bed time -

Cuddled under 2 blankets, holding his cup with his teeth and wearing a hard hat. 
Why not?! 

4. I found out that a little piece of “home” was moving into Watertown. SONIC! This is not my favorite place in the world…but it is a piece of home and I do like their drinks. Since I can’t have a “Bush’s” and still can’t find a place to buy a decent fountain soda…I’m so excited about this Sonic.

Guess when it opens? Monday. How great is that? Except for the fact I will be out of town. Bummer. I was hoping to go, introduce myself, order a wonderfully-delicious fountain soda and proclaim my love. Okay…maybe that is a bit much. But I am very excited!


  1. It's a family thing. We all love Sonic! So good to keep up with you and your beautiful family on this blog. I don't always comment, but I always read and keep up with you all.

    1. sure is a family thing! I'm really enjoying it!

  2. Sonic!!!! How can you go wrong? I have to agree with Lis! It's a family thing. Even Aunt Pam goes to Sonic.

  3. Very true! I forgot how much I do love it!