Thursday, January 28, 2016

Our Week In a Few Pictures

Monday, after Jaxen’s Speech Therapy, we loaded up and headed out to the YMCA and then on to grocery shopping. While I was getting things together, Jaxen decided he wanted to pack a lunchbox full of snacks for our morning…and then he carried it everywhere we went! At least it kept him entertained!

That afternoon we spent some time building with his legos - making tall, tall towers…and then knocking them down! This is probably in his top 3 favorite things to do right now.

Tuesday we woke up to freezing rain and so schools were on a 2 hour delay, which meant Jaxen had no school. Which meant all my plans went out the window - but we made the most of our "snow day" :) It started out by the heater first thing that morning, (as does every day)! And not long into the day, Jaxen decided he wanted to be Batman! I knew we were not planning on leaving the house, so I gave in to his request…and his request to eat 2 flour tortillas for breakfast.

We killed some time that morning by painting!  And he had so much fun - as did I! I recently bought  a package of about 20 different paintbrushes and he had a great time using them and painting probably about 10 different dinosaur pictures.

That afternoon he had an evaluation done for Occupational Therapy. We are waiting on the final results, but from what I was told - Jaxen would qualify for OT. There are quite a few areas, where he is not up to the “normal” standard and after talking with his Speech Therapist we agree that some OT would really help in some specific areas….and in most of these areas - it is all connected with his speech development. After sitting through this evaluation and the more I learn about Childhood Apraxia - I am gaining a better understanding of what his needs are, how to help him develop, and things we can do to make this process easier on him. Although, I can tell you right now, that he will not like OT. He likes to be very much in control of his movements and does not like to do anything that makes him ‘uncomfortable’. The OT will be way out of his comfort zone. But we have some time to figure it all out…

After being inside all day Tuesday, I needed to get out of the house on Wednesday! So after his speech therapy, we headed to McDonalds. I don’t typically do that - but Jaxen needed to get some energy out and I needed to get some work done (which is hard to do when Jaxen is home!). He had a great time playing and I was able to do what I needed to do in the hour we were there :)

We ran to the church so I could setup for the Wednesday night Bible Study I lead and then we spent some time practicing basketball. Jaxen is still not a fan! But we will finish up our classes and then I have a few ideas for what’s next. One of the things I have learned about Jaxen and his development is that he needs some kind of full-body activity (tumbling, marshall arts, swimming….). Something that will work all his muscles and something that is high energy. Basketball is just not doing it at this stage in his life.

Thursday (today) was probably my favorite day of the week (so far)! It was cold and icy, so Nik
kindly agreed to take Jaxen to school. Which meant, I stayed in my pajamas and the minute they left, I lit a candle, turned on my music and fixed a glass of tea. From there, I went room to room picking up and accomplishing a few tasks that are easier when I don't have a 3 year old helper (cleaning up ash from the fireplace, hanging pictures on the wall, rearranging rooms and moving furniture around, taking things to and from the basement and attic….). 

I know I am home all the time - but I'm never home by myself! So this was a super nice morning! I had 3 uninterrupted hours to do what I wanted. And apparently I wanted to “nest”. Haha!

After working in all rooms downstairs, I moved upstairs. I started out in Jaxen’s room and then moved on to Zane’s. The purpose was not to “clean” but to arrange and move things around that made more sense, and made rooms for organized for their purpose. Got it?!

Zane’s room is still a hodgepodge. I am continuing to go through all our baby stuff and pull out what I will need for the first 3 months. And I have to tell you - as I go through these adorable baby clothes - I’m so glad we are having another boy! I can remember Jaxen in every single outfit and I have the best memories of them. I’m not ready to let them go yet, and am excited that Zane can wear some of these same clothes!

After I picked Jaxen up from school and we ate lunch we spent some time in his room, building a robot and a house for his robot!

 We ended our afternoon with some great post-nap-cuddles!

We do not have a ton going on this weekend - but I’m looking forward to time with Nik and cozy fires in the fireplace…and maybe a good book! I do not read very often, but have been wanting to here lately. Any suggestions? Nothing deep. I want a fun read :)

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