Saturday, January 23, 2016

Pregnancy - 27 & 28 Weeks

I am only 28 weeks along in this pregnancy. That may sound far along to some of you…but not to me! That means I still have 12 weeks (give or take) to go. Insert sad face. I’m really trying to enjoy this pregnancy…but it can be difficult when I am burping for about 20 minutes solid (Thursday night). I seriously thought I was never going to stop burping - I was burping so bad, I could hardly take a breath! 

I really cannot complain though…all in all…this has been a wonderfully easy pregnancy (especially considering what a lot of ladies go through). 

So here are a few pics for you...

Baby Zane - 27 weeks

Baby Zane - 28 weeks

Week 27 I had to have the normal glucose testing done. So I sat in the doctor’s office and downed a sugar-type-drink in 5 minutes - and then for the next hour I had to sit in their office until it was time to take my blood. So that was fun! And to top it off - The drink was kind of making me sick. So I sat there and would burp (and throw up a little in my mouth) but could do nothing about it - not even take a drink of water! Thank goodness for smart phones, blogs, Facebook and pinterest to take my mind off of that for an hour :)

Then this past Monday I had to have another anatomy ultrasound done. I had one back in December, but the technician could not get Baby Zane’s heart. She tried and tried then, to get the pictures she needed, but to no avail. So I had to schedule another one. She got the pics she needed this time around - but it was not easy! He was being so stubborn, and was pretty comfy and not willing to move. After about 45 minutes, plus a bathroom break, marching in place and rolling around - she finally got them. 

The nice thing about having another (and a very expensive) ultrasound was that I did get to see Baby Zane, and she printed off a few pics for me:

Profile (turn your head to the right)

Face picture
In which the technician told me that my baby was “chunking up”!
Look at that cheek!

And he is growing hair on his head!
The arrow is pointing to it.
Jaxen came out with lots of hair too!

Arn’t those pictures sweet?! They will probably be the last ones I see, until I see Baby Zane in person. And I cannot wait to meet this precious little boy growing inside of me!

So…other details I want to remember about this stage of pregnancy (besides the burping)…. My hips hurt. They really hurt at night, so I have to roll over every hour or so. It helps, but it’s a pain. My hips always hurt with Jaxen as well. 

And “baby bangs”. The official name of what is happening to my hair right now. Although I am losing a fistful of hair every single day - thankfully, I am growing new hair. It’s pretty funny, though. It is wild and hard to tame. I vaguely remember this with Jaxen. It is a lot of new hair and after I blow-dry it, it just sticks straight up! Then I have to really work at getting it to lay down!

Physically - Baby Zane is doing great. He gained about a pound since the first of December, but is measuring well and has a strong heartbeat. My blood pressure is great. Apparently my placenta is beautiful (or so I have been told). The fluid is running through the umbilical cord well and the fluid around Baby Zane is good. 

Since we have been back, I have had Jaxen helping me in Baby Zane’s room and we have been talking a lot more about him being a big brother to Baby Zane. It was so funny - the other day after we were talking - all of a sudden Jaxen said “I have to find Baby Zane!” And he started hollering through the house for Baby Zane! Once I explained he was not here yet he said “Oh. Get shoes momma. Go get Baby Zane!”. Sweet boy - he has no idea! Haha.

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