Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Sledding Fun!

Sunday afternoon our church had a “Family Sledding Day”! We decided to join in and see how Jaxen liked it. He had never really been sledding before. Last year, it was super cold and we tried to get him to wear gloves, and he would not. Not even a little. So we stayed inside all winter - no winter fun activities for us. I was hoping to change that this year - so we went!

It was a beautiful, sunny day, and 23 degrees!

After putting on multiple pairs of gloves (his size) and all of them
“hurting his hands” he settled on my gloves.
They were way too big, but at least his hands had a little protection.

Here is Nik and Jaxen all ready to go!

At the top of the hill...

and down he went!

He loved every single minute of that sled ride!

He even took a couple of spills, but was a trooper and got right back up!

Nik had to talk Jaxen into riding with him…
he had so much fun by himself, he didn’t want daddy to ride too!
Finally, he let him :)

After awhile, he just wanted to play with Louka and Gabriella,
doing anything they were doing, instead of sledding.

Jaxen and Louka

Running around in the snow - he did not want to go home!

Nik finally talked him into leaving, if daddy would give him a ride!

We had such a great time!

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