Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Our Baby Has a Name!

Nik told me when I first found out I was pregnant, that he didn’t really want to discuss baby names until we knew the gender. Made sense to me! So I let it go…for awhile. Then on one of our road trips this fall I told him I wanted to at least start making a list of names we liked. So we took about 10 minutes and came up with a few names…

On our girl list: Emery and Quinn

On our boy list: Everett, Beckett and Holden

Fast forward to the day of our anatomy ultrasound (December): While we were sitting in the waiting room, I pulled out this list (untouched since the previous one conversation). At that point, I told him I wanted to veto Quinn. He agreed. And so we were left with one girl name: Emery Nikole (after Nik). Settled.

Then we discussed our three boy names and decided to veto Everett. Two left.

Time for our appointment - It’s a boy!

After finding out Baby D was a boy - we revisited our list and added Zane to the mix. Zane was a top runner when naming Jaxen and we still both really liked the name.

After awhile we vetoed Holden. That left us with Beckett and Zane. It was really hard to choose between the two. I thought I would ask Jaxen his opinion and out of the three times I asked (all different times) he picked Zane over Beckett! It was funny - because he really had a strong opinion!

We started talking middle names then and decided that we wanted to name Baby D after Nik’s side of the family (Jaxen has my father’s middle name). After going through some options we landed on Russell, after Nik’s dad. And come to find out…Russell was also Nik’s grandfather’s middle name on his mom’s side!

By the end of December we had pretty much settled on the name Zane Russell and decided to share it with our families, and try it out. So we did - and so far - we like it!

Now - I will say the same thing I said with Jaxen’s name - I reserve the right to change it until it is printed on the Birth Certificate!

But for now…Baby D is….



In other news…I have had people ask what we need for Baby Zane. I have been going through all of Jaxen’s things and I have started a list of a few essentials we will need when Baby Zane arrives. Thankfully, we don’t need nearly as much as we did with the first…although I feel like I think I need more than I actually do - already…make sense?!

Anyway - I have gone to and started a registry. As I think of other things, I will add to it. I am not brand or store specific to any item I put down… I basically just searched what I needed and registered for whichever popped up! Target is just the easiest place to do so :)

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  1. I love that name so cute! Our baby boy name is Riley Rex Ishmael. After his grandpa name and his middle name. I wish we lived closer to each other so we can see the kids. Sure do miss you guys and our volleyball nights.