Thursday, January 7, 2016

My Hometown

Let me introduce you to my hometown….Roswell, NM. Also known as the place of the 1947 UFO crash site.

Now, I was not born here…I was born in Texas but we moved to NM when I was two months and moved to Roswell when I was three.

Growing up, I didn’t hear much about the alien sightings, or even really know about the 1947 incident…until 1997. The 50-year anniversary. The same year Men in Black came out. The whole town changed that summer. Seriously.

So…ready for a peak at my hometown?! The following are literally just a few examples of the “alien phenomenon” that takes place here.

You will find these alien heads on the chain link fence around the Wal-Mart.

Multiple car dealerships in town have a UFO car decal.

Many places in town use a UFO as part of their logo or wording.

The Radio Station has an alien in their logo.

Two hotels with an alien welcoming you.

The credit union with an UFO on the billboard.

Even the fast food places get in on it.

And you can’t forget the light posts through downtown - shaped as alien heads.

The favorite? The UFO shaped McDonalds. It’s hard to see in the picture. 
But it’s pretty funny.

And inside…you find this….

We also have an Alien UFO Museum.
Where you can learn all about the crash - plus much much more!

Other businesses that have alien themes...

and even sell Alien Bags!

That’s a peak into my hometown!
Pretty funny, huh?!

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