Monday, January 4, 2016


So my first post of 2016 is a bit of random sorts - but includes some of our happenings in the past week :) So here you go….

New Years Eve Day we said goodbye to the Davis family and hoped on a plane to NM to spend some time with my family. 

I did terrible about getting great pictures while we were with Nik’s family, 
but managed to captured this one at the airport that I love!
Jaxen, Nik and Russell

When we landed at DFW, and was waiting around for our next flight, I checked the weather…
Roswell, NM (known as the hot desert land) was 8 degrees! Yikes!

While at DFW, we had a 3 hour layover so we took Jaxen 
for a ride on the “train” (Skyline) all around the airport.

We killed time by playing games on the phone...

by walking around and riding the escalator!

Thankfully, Jaxen napped the entire flight to Roswell and woke as we were landing.
I could not believe the view…look at the snow!

A couple of pics to kill the time, while waiting to land.

Once we landed in Roswell, we made it home through the hardly-plowed-mess-of-the-roads!
Come to find out…Roswell sold all their snow plows three years ago, 
so the town was a mess for days with the melting/refreezing of the snow!

My mom and I headed to the grocery store that day and they were completely
out of milk, eggs and creamer. It was actually kind of funny to me!

I guess the North Country has me a bit spoiled when it snows…
streets are clear, stores are stocked and life goes on - Not here :)

New Years Eve I think I was in bed by 9:30pm. 

Then New Years Day we celebrated Christmas!
Well, Jaxen opened gifts from his BeBe and Papaw.
And loved all of them!

Magformers for the win!

We at Black-eyed peas for lunch. 
Because that is what my mom makes me do :)

And we have had a great time visiting with friends and family!

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