Sunday, January 10, 2016

Random Assortment of Pics

I have had a wonderful time on our vacation to see our families! It has been relaxing and fun and laid back - the perfect few weeks after a very busy holiday season and before a very busy season of life!
Here is a random assortment of pics from my phone the last week or so...
Nik and Howard.
A very dear friend of ours from our time at the Camp.
Howard now lives in CO, but just happened to be in NM the same time we were!
Nik and him met up for some coffee one morning to catch up on life.

Nik took this picture and totally cracked us up with the story...
Jaxen was laying down for a nap and didn't want any clothes on - so Nik took off his jammies.
Well, a bit later, Nik hears "Help Daddy" and went to check on him - and he looked like this!
He was trying to put his jammies back on - by himself...but that's as far as he got! Haha!

We have stopped in to see Bebe at work a few days and Jaxen
loves to type on her typewriter (and help Martha at the front desk)!

Jaxen has got to spend some time with his cousin, Brennen.
And Jaxen adores him. It's pretty cute, because he calls Brennen "my friend"!

A few of our afternoons have been filled with Sonic drinks and games :)

Jaxen has even been in on the action!

The game we have played the most is Uno.
Who knew it could be so competitive!
I found this the other day and laughed and laughed!

We have eaten our fair share of Mexican food!
And Jaxen's new favorite? Chips and Salsa.
Eating with Aunt Jessie at our favorite Mexican place.
Jaxen has also done his fair share of relaxing.
They have the Disney Channel and so we have been watching a lot of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
Aunt Jessie volunteered to play with him in the Wal-Mart play area,
while I picked up a few items. They rode cards, tried to get stuffed animals
and then had a nice massage before time to go!
 We have done more than the pictures show...
went to Ruidoso and visited our old church and saw some friends,
celebrated Nik's 34th birthday, helped my sister with wedding stuff,
saw some family members and friends here in Roswell...
and I'm sure a few more things.
My time here is coming to an end pretty quickly.
It always makes me a bit sad to leave...
but I'm about ready to head home and back to what is our normal life.

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