Monday, February 1, 2016

My Weekend Favorite

We had a really relaxing, low-key weekend. Which was super nice - because I have a feeling those days are about to be few and far between :)

Friday evening I told Nik I just wanted to skip basketball - I did not want to deal with it all. The past two weeks have not gone well. But we went anyway - I had committed Jaxen to it and I knew we needed to see it through. But I was preparing for a terrible evening.

However -The night went fantastic, and ended up being my favorite moment from our weekend!

From the minute we walked in - Jaxen was excited to be there and participated in everything! There were not as many kids in attendance, which allowed for the kids there a bit more attention from the coaches, which helped.

Plus, they played a fun game of tag (pull the yellow tail) which was his favorite game ever. He even practiced his dribbling and had fun with a few of the boys there.

Something just clicked last Friday and I’m so glad it did. It was good to see him enjoying something new, learning and making friends. Here are a few pics from our night -

Getting his “tail” put on for the game.

This time, they had to dribble and pull off each other’s “tails”.


Haha. This one cracks me up - but that is totally the way he dribbles - hand high in the air :)

When asked who was ready to shoot, Jaxen raised his hand!

Shooting practice.

Waiting in line to shoot. He was a tired boy from all the running!

And the best part…the ice cream at the end!

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