Sunday, January 17, 2016

Since I’ve Been Home...

Since I’ve been home I have done the following:

  • Doctor’s Appointment Thursday Morning: routine baby checkup (post coming!).
  • Doctor’s Appointment Friday Morning: routine glucose testing.
  • Unpacked all suitcases and bags from our trip and put things away.
  • Un-decorated from Christmas: all that is left is for Nik to carry everything up to the attic!
  • Decorated for Valentine’s Day!

Nothing major…just a few little touches around the house!

  • Cleaned House: after un-decorating, everything needed a good dusting!
  • Laundry: I think I am finally caught up!
  • Got Jaxen well: He had a touch of the bug that I caught and was finally feeling better on Friday!
  • Jaxen started "Hoops -n- Scoops”: This started out really cute, but then turned to complete chaos and Jaxen in tears.
All was well before it started. Jaxen was having the best time playing basketball!

And then the class started. See Jaxen holding tight to his basketball?
He would not let go. For anything. And wanted nothing to do with his class.

It was after this picture that things started breaking down…
he just wanted to do what he wanted…play basketball :)
There was a lot of waiting around and people telling him what to do,
but not showing or helping. There were only 2 teachers and over 10 kids (all 3 and 4 years old).

He got seriously overwhelmed and just sat down and cried.
It was not a good experience…but…
we will be back! 
We have already started talking to him about trying again and he seems excited to go back.

  • Taken care of Nik: he woke up with the stomach bug (bad) on Friday night and has been in bed and quarantined ever since! Not that I really take care of him…but I have cleaned, disinfected, done laundry, made sure he drank fluids (and now, making sure he is eating some) and mainly kept Jaxen and myself away from him! He is on the mend…thankfully!

So that was just a short recap of my 4 days since I’ve been home :) plus a few other usual weekly tasks…grocery shopping, cooking, dishes, rehearsal, making church schedules….

And now…back to it! Need to make dinner and get a plan made for my week ahead!

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