Monday, January 25, 2016

Life Lately

Life lately has been good. I feel like we are all back in our “normal” routines. Nik goes to work / Jaxen has speech therapy and school and basketball / and I’m keeping up on the laundry, cooking dinners, facilitating a Bible Study and keeping our calendars coordinated :)

That being said…it seems as if there has been a lot going on! I find myself making meals / desserts for people and events, running extra errands, having more appointments…but it’s all good. Most of that probably stems from being not too far away from having a baby. I know there is still many, many weeks to go…but I’m trying to think ahead and take care of things so when Baby Zane does enter our world, my focus can be on him and adjusting with Jaxen to a family of four….not eye appointments and preschool signup and cleaning my bathroom vent (seriously that is on my to do list this week - ha!).

I have also had the time this past week to get together with some ladies (no kids) and it has seriously been nice! That is one thing I miss about working…the social aspect. Just talking and hanging out - so it was nice to be able to do that.

Here are a few pics of our life lately….

Jaxen not only loves our heater vent in the sitting room. 
He also now loves the one in our downstairs bathroom :)

We tried basketball again on Friday. 
It went better, but I’m counting down the weeks until it is over.
Jaxen is just not a huge fan right now!

He participated about half the time.
The other half was spent in my lap or holding on to a ball for dear life. 
See picture below!

At least he gave it another try!

Nik tried to get out there with him…but it didn’t really help.

Saturday morning I made cupcakes and had a little helper!
He loves helping me bake and has really become a good helper!

They were Buttermilk Chocolate Cupcakes (new recipe) 
and I think they turned out pretty good!

Jaxen sure thought so!

On Saturday I also enjoyed a fire.
It was cold outside (14 degrees I think), and I’m pretty sure by 9am I asked Nik to build me a fire.
We kept it going all day and it was so nice and cozy :)

And that’s our life lately…!

oh - Sunday afternoon we joined others from our church for some sledding.
Pictures coming soon - there are a bunch of them - haha!

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