Friday, January 15, 2016

Our Journey Home

I am finally home! We arrived home a little after 10pm Wednesday. It was a long day…but ended up being pretty good. I was not so sure Wednesday morning, though!

A stomach bug had me down all day Monday. Thankfully I felt better Tuesday…although I think Jaxen caught a bit of the bug and Wednesday neither one of us was feeling great first thing that morning.

But the minute this kid saw that plane…he was ready to board!

During our first flight I felt pretty queasy, we had a spilled cup of apple juice and a very dirty diaper (I kept him in diapers because I knew he was having tummy issues). The flight was about an hour long and I was really wondering if that all happened in the first hour - how in the world was the rest of our day going to be?!

We finally landed in Dallas and the first thing I noticed was a voicemail telling me that our flights for the day had been cancelled and they had booked us on other ones. Great. So I changed terminals and found the American Airlines area and then stood in line to figure things out. Apparently, all flights into Watertown that day had been cancelled. So they rebooked us going into Syracuse. I would actually land 2 hours earlier (but Nik had to come get me in Syracuse). So he made arrangements to do so. 

After figuring all that out - I finally got us something to eat and found this play area for Jaxen. He was still having dirty diapers, but after laying down on one of the benches for awhile I began to feel better. It was a long layover and I’m thankful Jaxen was entertained so long in this area!

As we were leaving - I snapped this picture of him. He was such a big boy! He did so well going from place to place in the airport and never complained! He carried his back pack most of the time and just went with the flow. 

The next flight was our longest and by that time - we had both been up for a very long time! So I told Jaxen he had to take a nap. He finally fell asleep and napped for about an hour (not long enough - but at least it was something) while I got a little rest as well. 

Once he woke up, he caught the tail end of the on-flight-movie-option and then I just tried to keep him entertained. Note to all parents who are flying with 3 year olds: Buy some kind of sticker book! Jaxen received this from a friend for Christmas the night before we left and I’m so glad I brought it with us…He got to put sticker faces on dinosaurs. It made for a great plane activity because nothing rolled off the table (like crayons), it only had 1 or 2 pieces (I tore out the dinosaur page) so nothing got lost or even fell down in the aisle, and it was quiet. And Jaxen loved it! So he made sticker faces and I colored to pass the time. 

Our flight from Dallas to Boston was actually very pretty. Once we woke from our nap - the sun was setting and we eventually flew low enough we got to see a ton of beautiful city lights! I think they said we flew over Washington DC and New York City…but don’t quote me on that. All I know is that Jaxen and I both kept looking out the window and commenting on how pretty it was!

Once we arrived in Boston - we had a very short time to get to our next flight which was a very long walk away. I was a bit nervous - but Jaxen was a champ! He seriously did so well. I carried his back pack and held his hand and he walked the entire way. We had one little meltdown when we walked right by a play area and I wouldn’t let him stop to play. And then one other time he kept asking to “sit down mommy” and then “carry me mommy”. But both times, I told him we had to walk fast to the next plane and then we would see daddy! And he just kept right on going :) We made it with just enough time to hit the bathroom and grab a slice of pizza that we shared while others were boarding the flight first.

On that last plane ride, I gave in - and bought Jaxen a very expensive can of chips. I never buy food on an airplane. I always carry snacks and we usually eat a meal in the airport. But it was late - and we were both tired and he wanted a bag of chips and so I didn’t argue! It kept him happy that very last plane ride home. 

We finally landed in Syracuse (to lots of snow!) and met Nik at Baggage Claim. I saw Nik in the distance first, and pointed him out to Jaxen. Jaxen took off running and I have to tell you - my heart exploded in my chest just a little bit at the sight of the two of them reunited. They both love each other something fierce! I was not close enough to see the whole encounter well (I stayed put and did not run to Nik - haha) but later Nik told me that Jaxen didn’t know whether to laugh or cry - that he was just so excited his little body was shaking. Needless to say - we were both so happy to be back with Nik!

After tracking down and filling out a claim for one piece (out of 3) lost luggage (our carseat) we were headed home. Thankfully, I thought ahead of time to tell Nik to bring our extra car seat just in case. Nik drove us home in a blizzard of Lake Effect Snow - and we made it just fine!

So glad to be home!

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  1. When all else fails, give them chips :-) glad that eventful day is over!