Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Family Time - Part 1

Because I don’t have too many pictures of our time with Nik’s family - I will give you a quick recap: relaxing days watching football, afternoon naps, Texas Sheet Cake, Peanut Clusters, late nights visiting, and time with cousins running and playing through the house. I’m sure there was more…but that’s just a nice little summary :)

Here are the few pictures I did take -

Opening Christmas Presents - new hats from Nik’s mom (homemade).

I tried to get a picture of Jaxen and his new tent - but he was too busy playing!

A remote control car for the win!

A little play time with his Mamaw Kay. 
They were also sleeping buddies. She let Jaxen sleep in her bed every night.
I think they both loved it!

A selfie with my precious little boy!

I had to share this picture below because it cracked me up…
We ran to Kohl’s this week to look at something and I let Jaxen push the cart.
By the time we left, he had piled a few items in the cart (most, without my knowledge)
all of which, were things he “wanted to take home”. Haha!
Needless to say - none of it went home with us!
(Thomas undies, goggles, Spiderman Camera and a Star Wars something)
This kid knows how to shop :)

We hit up Dairy Queen one day while we were here
and Jaxen enjoyed about 1/4 of this chocolate covered ice cream cone!

Kyleigh and Jaxen had the best time together!
I think the phrase I heard the most from Jaxen was “Run Kyleigh!"

They were sweet and gave each other plenty of hugs.

We had a great visit with Nik’s family. 
I’m so glad we were able to come see everyone.

Now on to Family Time - Part 2….

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