Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Washington - Days 1 and 2

Nik and I were on a little get-a-way this past weekend….to Washington state!

A few weeks back (maybe 5-6) we received an invitation in the mail to our friend Bob’s wedding. Some of you may know Bob. Either way, this is a monumentus occasion that we did not want to miss! So we just decided we were going to try to make it work out where we could go. After careful consideration, we decided to leave Jaxen home - and I’m so glad we did. It was a fast, long trip, plus crazy time changes…and it gave Nik and I a much needed parenting-break and some quality time together! And after one phone call to our friends, Chris and Kylee - they decided to go too!

Side note: let me just tell you now… traveling without a toddler is so much easier!!!! Long layovers and long flights didn’t bother me near as much! So, on to our trip…in pictures (of course) :)

Thursday - we left Watertown at 1:25pm and flew to Philadelphia, then on into Seattle/Tacoma. We arrived a little after 9pm (West Coast time) and by the time we met our friends, got a rental car and found our hotel - it was after 11pm (I think)…which would have been 2am our time. Yikes! I was one tired lady!

About to board our first flight!
And very happy for our time together!

Dinner: Where else, but Chick-fil-a?
Thank you, Philadelphia airport!

To kill some time - after eating, walking around and exploring - we played cards.

I received this sweet picture of Misty and Jaxen out on a walk that day.
Jaxen loves Misty (and her family) and they graciously agreed to keep Jaxen for us!

As I stated above, we got in really late that evening and I fell asleep the second my head hit the hotel pillow! But I was excited and ready to go the next morning!

Friday - we all woke up a bit early (thank you time zones) and were ready to explore after breakfast!

Some of our long-time friends - Chris and Kylee!

First stop?
We found this amazing, local coffee joint, Valhalla and it did not disappoint!

From there, we decided to hit up the zoo!

The boys - trying to get us discounted tickets on their phone.

While us girls took selfies!

Group photo!

The zoo was really nice, well-kept, clean, not too busy….
but the highlight was the Polar Bear!

So very cool!

They boys also got to touch Sting-Rays.

It was a beautiful day!

After the zoo, we decided to explore the park a little bit. 
We found this great little beach and enjoyed the view very much!

Love my cutie-husband so much!

After a few more photo opportunities, we headed to lunch.

Don’t think for a minute that Jaxen did not have fun with out us…
Can we say spoiled?!

After lunch we received a phone call that help was needed at the church getting ready for the wedding…so we went to the hotel, got ready and headed that way! Once we arrived we were put to work - prepping some dinner stuff, moving furniture and ironing tablecloths!

The above is the only picture of the night.
But we had a great time helping out, seeing Bob, meeting his new wife, 
and of course seeing some very great friends of ours that were there for the wedding also!

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