Friday, September 11, 2015


I’m pretty sure I will overwhelm this blog with all things pregnancy related in the weeks to come…
so for today - you get a bit of random!


First up - Jaxen decided to dress himself the other day. 
Not my idea of a matching outfit…but he would have it no other way! 
So we went with it…all day and all through town. 
When did he turn 5?!?

I have been terrible at remembering to take Sunday Selfies with Jaxen!
Good thing Nik is filling in the gaps to my pregnancy brain :)

I have been napping more days than not, here lately.
And I just love laying down with my little napping-buddy!

This kid loves going to school!
He is excited everyday and is doing great!

I forgot to include this picture in my last Washington Post.
In the airport - coming home - Chick-Fil-A and cards…
it really doesn’t get much better!

Yesterday, Jaxen wanted to “cook”. 
He pretty much gave me about 23 heart attacks (because I was actually cooking next to him)…
but my lunch got prepared, no one got burned and Jaxen had a blast.
Win. Win.

That’s all I have for you today. I’m not sure what the weekend has for us…
I am way behind on many, many things. So I will hopefully pull it together over the next few days!
Nik has a District Back to School Bash and a funeral and preaching on Sunday. 

And I’m hoping for some cool, fall temperatures and hot tea!

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