Saturday, August 29, 2015

Random Pictures For You Today

So Nik and I are on a little get-a-way this weekend (look forward to fun posts about our time away later!), 
but for now I have one last post from our time last week…

This was Jaxen and I, Tuesday morning (the day Nik’s parents left).
He slept in until almost 9 (very unusual these days) and later on took a 3 1/2 hour nap!
He was exhausted!

Jaxen asked to help me carry the grocery bag and 
insisted this was the way he was going to carry it!

I forgot to post these pictures from our time at the Farmers Market:

Jaxen talked his Mamaw Kay into buying him a big sugar cookie!

The family, walking around.

Good cookie and a great daddy!

Russell was super excited over the fresh picked sweet corn he saw everywhere.
And proceeded to come home with 4 bags (I think) of the corn!
I won’t tell you how many him and Nik both ate at dinner!

Jaxen walked out the door last week and announced “Cold” - over and over again!
So he went inside and put on a jacket. 

He finally got a haircut!
Look at the cool new chair he got to sit in!

Every time he gets a haircut I think it adds on a few years!

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