Sunday, September 20, 2015

My Family

I have not been blogging due to family in town. Good excuse to me! 

Bebe and Pepaw flew in last Tuesday and will be here until Wednesday.

Jaxen has enjoyed seeing both sets of his grandparents in the last month!
He has extra people to show off for :)

Nik took this picture of Jaxen the other night when they went for a bike ride.

We got to celebrate my mom’s birthday while they are here!

Nik is trying to help her figure out her new birthday present…
as my mom said “It’s a Kindle I can play games on!”
Otherwise known as a Kindle Fire.

I made a Texas Sheet Cake (her request) and Jaxen enjoyed helping Bebe blow out the candles.

We are spending our days and nights around the kitchen table,
playing games…like we like to do!

I sure am thankful for time with my family!

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