Saturday, September 26, 2015

Pregnancy - Week 10 & 11

Week 10 (last week) I finally started feeling better! Yea!!!!

And then week 11 came and I started feeling sick again on Tuesday. Bummer. But I find if I eat a lot of carbs and eat every 2-3 hours, it helps. No fried foods and not many sweets either. I’m still eating a lot of rice and beans. Other than feeling nauseous and still napping almost every day - I feel great!

Baby D - 10 weeks
(no picture - sorry)

But I do have a funny story for you!

I was telling Nik last week that I thought I was doing well with my hormones… that I was not a crazy, emotional pregnant lady and how happy I was that it had not been an issue. I’m sure I went on and on about how great I was being as a pregnant wife and mom :)

Then Nik gave me a look.

Apparently he did’t see it that way - haha!

Baby D - 11 weeks

My shape is changing, but that is okay! It is on my to-do-list this week to find some maternity jeans I can wear. I only have one pair of pants that fit…and they are capris. It’s almost too cold to wear capris. Thankfully, I can hang out almost every day in stretchy pants - And it doesn’t bother me a bit to do so!

I have not really been “planning” a lot, necessarily, for Baby D. I have started making a list of things that we need before Baby D arrives and I have started to pull out stuff from when Jaxen was born to see what I have and if I need to replace anything. It is fun thinking back on the newborn days and seeing what all we have! 

Each week as Baby D grows - I get more and more excited!

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  1. Oh Carla! I wish I was close enough to be an ACTIVE part of your pregnancy! But I am very very grateful that you share it with me through your blog. Baby D, You, Jaxen, Nik - you are all so precious! I really love FaceTiming with Jaxen! I can't wait till Baby D is big enough for Jaxen to really see and start to love. I think that will make this pregnancy extra special. Love you - Hope you have a great week.