Friday, September 4, 2015

Meet The Teacher / First Day of Pre-School

I interrupt my “Washington Posts” to bring you a “Jaxen” post….


This past summer at Jaxen’s 3-year well check, it was suggested to us that he be enrolled in some sort of preschool this fall. His pediatrician thought it would really help him with his speech. (I also thought it would help with his attention span / listening / obeying / energy / the world not revolving around him….kind of things as well!).

After careful consideration and visits to a few preschools in the area - we decided to enroll him in Benchmark, two days a week, for three hours each day. For now.

So this past Tuesday was 'Meet the Teacher’. We met three of his teachers and although I wanted him to explore his classroom and get used to it - once he found this magnetic-alphabet-puzzle-type-game - he could care less about anything else! And spent the rest of his time playing with it!

It was a short visit, but I think it made him excited to start school! He seemed to like his teachers and he got to pick out where to hang his back pack each day.

Before we left I made him take a few photos...

Thursday was Jaxen's first day at school! I gave him a bath the night before and got his bag all ready (with everything in it labeled). We talked about going to school before he went to bed and after about 30 minutes of screaming he finally fell asleep (we are having post-vacation-bed-troubles).

He was really excited to go to school and when we got there - walked right in and said “bye mommy”! Made my heart happy :) I did not cry or get upset after dropping him off. It was more of a proud feeling, and excitement because I think this preschool will be really good for him!

And then…I went to work! I had other plans with my free-morning - but work called (and we still have to pay for our Washington trip - haha!). 

After school we went to Nik’s work to tell him all about the first day of school. Really, all Nik heard was “Daddy? School!” over and over. I asked the teacher how he did when I picked him up and she replied “He was very excited to be here today”. Which to me, the mom, I heard “He was super hyper and loud all day”. Oh well. At least he’s happy!


  1. Ha! That's what I would have heard too! Better than a clinging cryer 😉

    1. Yes! I thought so. He loves school!