Thursday, September 24, 2015

Catch-Up Time!

My mom told me it was okay that I had not been blogging while they were here visiting…but that I better start again after she left! Ha ha. So here I am…

Nik and Jaxen are getting ready to settle in - in front of the TV for some football. I am settled at the kitchen table and there is a wonderful fall breeze blowing through the house :)  Dinner has been prepared (thank you, leftovers), the kitchen is cleaned and I am in my comfy clothes. Not sure why I told you all that…

Anyways… Catch-up Time!

My family has come and gone. I enjoyed their visit so much. It was relaxing and fun and we all just had a great time hanging out together. I’m so thankful that our families travel so far to see us! After my nap today, I came downstairs, and there was no one waiting on me to play games (sad face) so I did a few chores! Ha ha. Back to normal life I guess.

Jaxen even enjoyed a lot of “play card” while they were here!

Jaxen has been on this weird “no affection” kick for quite some time now. As in - telling you no anytime you go to hug him, or kiss him, or even tell him “I love you”. It’s kinda funny - but really unlike him. Anyway - he was on this kick while his Bebe and Pepaw were here. He liked them from a distance. But on the last day - he let Bebe and Pepaw hold his hand!!! I couldn’t believe it. 

The pic is kind of bad…but I had to get one of him finally showing affection!

 And a few photos after lunch, before dropping them off at the airport.

In other news…

We have had a few cool evenings here lately and I finally turned our heater on one morning. The minute Jaxen heard it kick on…he found his favorite spot!

Hanging out in front of the heater vent!

Jaxen is still loving his school!
He looks forward to it each day and talks about “play with friends”.

Jaxen fell asleep with his door open one night, and I could not
resist taking a picture of my sweet, sleeping boy.

That’s all I have for now…

But I will leave you with this one tidbit of information you may not know about me. In previous blogs I shared my love for Monday mornings. They are my favorite morning of the week. Well, Thursday nights are my favorite night of the week. This started a long time ago… I guess because on Thursday nights I always felt I could stay up late because the next day was Friday and then the weekend comes. I don’t know why, really…but I love Thursday nights! 

So Happy Thursday Night to you!

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