Monday, September 14, 2015

Pregnancy - Up to Date

In this post you get a recap of the last 5 weeks of pregnancy….

I found out I was pregnant at week 5
Here was my first “baby bump” picture!

At this point in the game - I felt really good. There were a few days when I was really tired…but I basically kept up my same daily routine. I was not really “sick” at all - but I did have some times of being a little uncomfortable. Usually eating a small snack helped with that. The only real symptom I was experiencing was a very tender, super sore chest.

Baby D - 6 weeks

Baby D - 7 weeks

These two weeks I was tired! It really hit me hard. Nik’s family was still here part of the time and I would lay down in the afternoons and rest while Jaxen napped, and I still went to bed before everyone else! I even kept falling asleep when we went places in the car. I forgot how tiring it can be to grow a baby!

I was not really sick (throwing up) at this point but towards the end of the week I felt queasy almost all day, everyday. And…the burping started. If you were around me at all my last pregnancy - I’m sure you know about the burping. It can be gross - and it started in full force.

Baby D - 8 weeks

This was the week I became nauseous all the time. I only threw up one day - but nothing sounded good to eat. Nothing. And when I did eat - it had to be carbs. That is the only thing I could keep down. I don’t think I cooked dinner one night that week. I just could not handle the thought of food. Even when I turned on the oven - the normal “oven smell” just about put me over the top.

I’m pretty sure I napped everyday. I did finally get out for a walk one day - it felt great! But then I was exhausted. Seriously - the tiredness! But…I am so grateful that I can nap each and every day. I am grateful for an understanding husband when I don’t cook dinner or do any house work. He has been the best!

Baby D - 9 weeks

This week I grew out of some of my clothes. They were too tight! I even went to church without buttoning the top button of my pants! ha ha. I did pull out some of my maternity clothes from before (with Jaxen) but they are a bit big. I am starting this pregnancy out at a smaller weight and size and so I might have to go purchase a few things to get me through! I know I am not really “showing” but my body has definitely started changing and middle is getting rounder. 

This week was no better with the nausea. I still felt very sick 90% of the time. I tried to start eating more often and that seemed to help. But food did not really sound or taste very good. You would think since I never wanted to eat anything - I would not be gaining weight. Wrong! When I was eating - it was all “junk” / carbs / and I could keep nothing healthy down. An apple (about every other day) was the best I could do with fruits and vegetables.

Funny story: So one night I was laying on the couch telling Nik how incredibly hungry I was but that nothing sounded good. I was saying all that as I was scrolling through Pinterest. I happen to see a Crunch Wrap Supreme from Taco Bell - and I knew. I knew that is exactly what I wanted! Nik, being so kind, ran to Taco Bell and got me one. I ate it - and actually felt better! Nik laughed because at what point does eating Taco Bell make someone ever feel better?! Ha ha.

I pretty much want rice and beans. And sour cream. I tried eating grilled chicken (which I normally love) and could not even get one piece down. And don’t even put a soda in front of me right now. I might gag. And forget my favorite Sonic drink. Not happening either. Or plain iced tea. Which I normally drink all day long. It’s water for me. It’s not that it even tastes good…it’s just the only thing I can think about drinking without feeling nauseous.

Anyway. Enough about food. It’s just so weird the things that make me sick and what makes me feel better.

I have been trying to have a “mind over matter” mindset when it comes to actually being productive. It is working most of the time! The busier I am, the more I forget how I feel. I am really looking forward to leaving this first trimester and the sickness….

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