Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Washington - Day 3

So our whole purpose for going to Washington was to see Bob get married. His wedding was on Saturday at 4pm. The reason we went down on Thursday (and left on Monday) was really only because flights were cheaper! But since our friends Chris and Kylee joined us on this adventure and we had some time to kill - we did a little more exploring on Wedding Day!

First stop - Coffee. Everyday. Same place. Everyone (but me) fell in love with this coffee shop.

Next stop - Kohls. Sounds funny that we went to Kohls on our vacation…but Kylee had some Kohl’s Cash that was going to expire. Can’t let that happen, right?!

And then…the weather started getting really bad. Thunderstorms, wind blowing, some rain….and everyone else wanted to go to the Farmers Market. I sat in the car a good 2 minutes deciding if I was actually going to get out! Ha ha. I finally did. It was a great Farmers Market! And no storms.

We had a fun time seeing and tasting all there was!
The boys sampled some of the best Smoked Salmon they ever had at this little vendor.

After the Farmers Market, we had lunch and then decided to go back to the Hotel. We still had a few hours before we needed to leave for the wedding - but we were all exhausted. So we napped! And good thing I did - because there was no way I was going to make it through the wedding and reception without a nap!

After nap time, we all got cleaned up and headed out!

Waiting for the wedding to begin...

The beautiful couple!

The wedding was really sweet and I am so happy these two found each other!

During the reception I made everyone take pictures.
I got none from the night prior and I wanted to capture pictures with all these wonderful people!

Bob, Sheila, Nik and I

Our friend, Andy (lives in Montana)
Yes, I interrupted his cake-eating for a picture!

This next picture is kind of funny and blurry - 
but these are the “originals” who worked together at Bonita Park Camp.
(we are making the “505” sign) - we are super cool :)
Bob, Carla, Kylee, Andy and Dallas
We were supposed to take one with the spouses added…
but you know…bride and grooms are busy during the reception and cannot
always be at my beck-and-call for picture taking!

Good thing everyone else was, though!

Tiffany, Dallas (live in Washington now), Nik and I

Kylee and Chris (Texas), Nik and I (New York), Dallas and Tiffany (Washington)

And we got to see our other friend, Andy (lives in Idaho).
His wife was unable to make it…but it was good to see him!

So we had a great time at the reception. Seriously lots of fun celebrating the happy couple! It was good to meet people who knew Sheila and then who knew Sheila and Bob together, as a couple. I was so glad we were able to be a part of their day.

After the wedding we decided to hit up the Chihuly Bridge of Glass in Tacoma (near our hotel). 

Tall glass sculptures

And lots of glass pieces as you walk through a tunnel on the bridge

And a gorgeous glass ceiling on one of the tunnels!

The views were really nice from the bridge. 

After walking around for awhile - we called it a night!

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