Monday, September 7, 2015

Washington - Day 4

Sunday started out with coffee (of course) and then we drove on into Seattle for a little exploring. We parked our car and then hit all the high points…

Nik and I, plus Chris and Kylee had all been to Seattle before. So we had a good idea of what the city held and what we wanted to do….

We started out at the famous Bubble Gum Wall. Mainly, because we parked our car near there…but still - it is fun to see!

Nik and Chris both put gum in their mouth on the way there 
so they could actually stick some on the wall!

Gross? Not sure…but I wanted a selfie with all the gum!

Next up - The Public Market.

Actually, there were only two stops we wanted to make in the market…

A Russian Bakery and Starbucks.

After our two stops we hopped on the ferry and headed to Bainbridge!

Nik and I had been before and we loved it!

We walked around and looked at all the shops and had lunch and this great little diner.

And then…

We went to Nik’s happy place. Mora.

And this is why it’s his happy place.
An amazing Molten Chocolate Lava Cake with a creamy mint ice cream on top.

After a little more touring I found the cutest souvenir to bring home!

We opted for a picture before heading back on the ferry to Seattle.

Once we arrived back in Seattle, the boys reminded us that the 
biggest and flagship REI was in Seattle. So of course, we had to go.

Nik and Chris looked around while Kylee and I had a snack, sat, and visited.

We left Seattle and headed to our new hotel close to the airport, where we said goodbye to Chris and Kylee. We had such a great time with them and are so glad we did this trip!

A few skyline pictures of Seattle

And that basically wraps up our trip!
We woke up at 3am Monday to start our journey home.
Which was uneventful, thank goodness!
And arrived home a little before 11pm.
Long day - but I loved and treasure the one on one time I had with my cutie husband!

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  1. A gum wall where was that, I don't remember hearing about that. Gross LOL! I miss parts of Washington, but not the weather.