Saturday, September 12, 2015

Pregnancy Story - 2nd Time Around

Once we had Jaxen the questions came often: “When will you have another baby?” “Do you want other kids?” And so on. I always replied “Yes, we would like at least one more, but we are not in a rush.” I mean, it took us almost 10 years to decide we were ready for baby #1! Ha ha.

Thankfully, it did not take us 10 more…just 3!

Last fall, we started talking “baby” again. I was really uneasy for some reason about adding another baby to our family. Not sure why - but to me that meant I needed to pray about it some more - that it was obviously not time yet. So I started praying about God’s will for our family and His timing if we were to have another child. Sometime during the winter, I felt a peace about adding another child into our family and then started praying about the timing of it all and for God’s will to be done in this situation and I prayed that I would trust Him no matter what.

Listen, I know that “our plans” are not always “God’s plans” and I know that just because I was able to get pregnant and carry a child once, does not mean it would necessarily happen that way again. I wanted to be open to what God had planned for us. If that meant getting pregnant and carrying a child - or adopting - or fostering - or none of the above… I wanted to trust His plans.

So Nik and I stopped preventing pregnancy sometime this summer. I really tried not be anxious about it - but just let it be.

Come August - I was supposed to start my monthly cycle on Wednesday, August 5. And yes, I am usually on time with my cycles - at least within 2 days. By Friday, August 7, when I did not start, I was wondering if I was pregnant. Trying not to get my hopes up, just in case…but feeling a little excited. I pondered going to the store for a test, but then I realized I already had a doctor’s appointment scheduled for the following Tuesday (it was just a new patient appointment, made months prior). So I waited.

Tuesday came and I still had not started my cycle. And my chest was super sore and sensitive. I knew I was pregnant. But still…You don’t know until you know. And I needed to find out for sure.

While at the doctor’s I mentioned that I would like a pregnancy test done. After filling out all the paperwork and answering their 1 million new patient questions - she told me to go pee in a cup. A few minutes later the nurse came to my door and just stared at me. She didn’t say anything at first, just stared. Then she slowly told me the test was positive and then waited for my reply. My reply was “Yea!” And she smiled and as she walked away said “It’s good to hear a ‘yea’”. Ha ha.

The doctor then came in and we did a few routine things - then he basically said “Make an appointment with an OB - I’ll see you in a year”.

So that is what I did!

Well, first, I drove to the church. Asked Nik to come outside and told him I was for sure pregnant!

Then - I booked my first appointment with my new OB….

I will leave you with one picture this post. I decided on the Tuesday of my appointment - I would take a “pregnancy picture” - just in case. So here is my first “Baby D” picture. 5 weeks.


  1. I miss you guys. I am so happy for you guys. # 2 and I haven't met the first one yet. Boo. Well congrats I am happy for you guys. Hopefully one day we will meet up again. I miss our volleyball nights. I keep up with your blog, just not enough time to respond to them. Hope everything else is well. :)

    1. I miss volleyball too! That was some fun times!

  2. PS cute video of announcing the baby. I loved it, that was a neat way.

  3. Carla - you are so super thin!!!!! I am so proud of you! You really stuck to getting your body ready and I just think that you are awesome! I noticed Nik drop some pounds too. Congratulations to you guys!