Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Weekend Favorites - Part One

Sorry this post has taken forever...
but I've been having trouble downloading my few many pictures!

This past weekend was one of my favorites! Here's why....

Thursday (I'm considering that the beginning of my weekend) Thompson Park (the park right behind our house) did a fantastic Firework Show! Our church (because they have a huge field) rented some bounce houses, cooked and gave away (free) hotdogs, sno-cones, drinks and popcorn. It was so much fun! We had a ton of neighborhood people hanging out and everyone had a great time. This is one of my favorite events that our church does! Here's some pics of that night. 

This is Jaxen's excited face - about the bounce houses!
A picture of the three bounce houses / slides
A picture of the field (and all the people) before the fireworks started.
It was packed out by the time the show actually began.
Here is Jaxen waiting (patiently) in line.
I joked to someone about how this particular night taught my child how to wait in line -
but it totally did! And we have since used that very important skill!

His favorite was this obstacle course / slide bounce object. He probably did it 30 + times!
It is so hard to take good pictures of fireworks...but here is one.
If you look closely, you can see the fireworks above the tree line of the park. Favorite!

During the fireworks (about 7 full minutes of them anyways) Jaxen was so excited and was screaming (his excited scream) his head off! One guy actually came over to us and (jokingly) asked us to quite down our kid. It was so funny how excited he was!
He eventually calmed down and sat in my lap.
He looks scared and sad in the pic...but I promise, he was not.
I think the flash of the camera is what made him have this face!
And yes, I am in a sweatshirt and Jaxen is wrapped up in a friends Spiderman blanket!
It was a chilly night! (This was actually the same night we went to the beach last week).

It was a very late night for us, but Jaxen was such a trooper and had a blast! I'm so glad we kept him up to see the fireworks. (Last year I put him to bed before they started).

Saturday was another favorite day! We started our day out at the zoo with some friends. 
Jaxen was all loaded up and ready to go!

We went with his friend Clay (and Clay's family).
Jaxen is 4 months older than Clay - but they have a great time together!

We walked around and saw many animals, talking about each one as we went.
But the bear was by far the favorite...

They put some kind of icing on the windows of the "observation area" and
the bears came right up to it and licked all the icing off!

They got a lot of close-up time with the bears :)

Checking out the other animals...

And then playing on the playground before we left.
Nik and Tom (Clay's dad) are helping the kids work this backhoe.

I had to take a quick pic before we left!

After the zoo and a quick bite to eat, we headed to one of our favorite places....
The Dingmans Cottage, which sits right on the lake!
If these pictures look familiar, it is because this is where we spent the 4th last year too!
They are so sweet to invite us and include us with their family on this holiday!
Nik (and Ben) taking Jaxen out for a swim in the lake.

And before I knew it - Dave had Jaxen on the jet ski, taking him for a ride!
This was probably Jaxen's favorites!

And when Jaxen's teeth began to chatter, I took him out of the water to dry off.

Nik (and Jaxen) had fun playing Boccee ball and Cornhole (?) toss.

And Jaxen loved exploring and getting into everything!

And of course, the day could not be complete without one of Jaxen's favorite activities...
throwing rocks into the water!

We had a great dinner and dessert...but right before we left the Ice Cream Truck came!

Jaxen made a huge, sticky mess with his favorite - Spider-Man-Ice-Cream...but he was a happy boy!

We finally called it a night about 8:20 and headed home.
And although the picture below looks like it was taken mid-day, it was about 3 minutes
down the road (still very light out at this time). This boy was wiped out!
One of the ladies bought some glow-stuff and made sure Jaxen had his before we headed home.
He loved it, and even slept with it all night!

We left before the fireworks started...but no worries - we caught another firework show on Sunday night! Stay tuned for Part Two of my favorite weekend!

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