Saturday, July 18, 2015

Not Much To Blog About!

I really don’t have much to blog about today… Nik has been home for 5 days and we are settling back into our “normal”. Here is a glimpse of our lives right now (with a few NYC pictures thrown in).

This is a picture Nik took at the Nazarene Youth Conference (NYC).

Currently, Nik is out looking at a motorcycle. I think I mentioned before, that for Father’s Day, his gift was to take the Rider Safety Course and get his motorcycle license. Well, now he want’s a bike! So he is searching for a great “1st” bike. And yes, he is already talking in those terms!

Look who he found…some of our teens from TX!

Jaxen is currently having some quiet time (with Sesame Street) because we just got done having a horrendous Time-Out! I asked him to do something, he said no (multiple times) so he went to time out. Again and again and again. Until he was ready to obey! I should have kept up with how long it really was….not sure…but it was awhile. Once he was ready to obey and do what I asked, he was allowed to be out of time out. By that time, though, he was a mess from crying, screaming….and such. I’m trying to teach him that he has to obey. No choice. Actually, I guess there is a choice…but there are consequences to making the wrong choice :) 

They got to hear some great bands and listen to some wonderful speakers!

We are gearing up this weekend for Soccer Camp next week. Nik is coordinating an Upward Soccer Camp at the church. This is his first time doing a “camp” (verses a league) and he knows nothing about soccer! Good thing he has a few people helping him out who do! Ha ha. Right now, there are over 50 kids registered. A good first year, I think! There is still lots to do, and lots to think through. We worked last night on it and will continue through the weekend until Monday morning comes! Pray for us :)

Nik met up with so many people from his past…This is Corey - from the NM District.

I am back to my cleaning job (took a break while Nik was away) and trying to save up some money for a couple of trips we have planned this fall. One of our friends is getting married and we hope to take a short family vacation to New Hampshire this fall. We have never been….and I’m so excited to go!

I think about 7,000 people were in attendance!

Really, all is well with us. Things are good. Enjoying the summer months. Lots of play time outside and at the parks. I do need to squeeze in some more beach days, though. I bought a park pass and need to use it up 7 more times to get my money’s worth!

Hope you have a great weekend!

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