Monday, July 13, 2015

Mommy & Jaxen Time

While Nik was gone, Jaxen and I had lots of time together! Not that we don't already, but it was all backup! To be honest...there were many people who asked how we were doing or called to check in or sent a text message to let me know they were there if I needed anything...and it was so sweet! But really, we have done great and I think this little break was probably good for all of us.

Anytime Nik goes away I like to fill our days. It helps to stay busy, and it's often times easier to parent when you stay busy (otherwise, we are bored at the house after awhile and Jaxen tests his limits and my patience)! 

So we had lots of fun with each other (and some friends)! 

We took walks, went to the movies, played at new parks in the area, hung out at friends houses, went to the beach, watched friends participate in a triathlon, went swimming...pretty much I kept him busy everyday and then we relaxed at home each night. A few nights I even put Jaxen down for bed at 8pm because he was worn out! And after busy days and chores for me at night, I was exhausted too! Plus, I never sleep well when Nik is gone...and that is catching up with me. 

I don't have a ton of pictures, but here are a few from our week....

Before Nik left, he laid down with Jaxen for Jaxens afternoon nap. 

At the movies!

One of the new parks we found (actually, a playground at an elementary school) - so fun! 

Leaving the beach - Jaxen had to bring this rock home.
It is currently sitting in front of the stove and I have hit my foot on it too many times already!
It may have to move outside.
I love that he is wearing a wife-beater (or to be politically correct...a white tank top)! 

So Saturday morning we were out and about bright and early to cheer on some friends in a triathlon! There were actually 3 teams represented by our church. Upon arrival, we were handed cow bells to help our cheering!

Jaxen and Louka getting ready!
Louka and her mom made some great signs...Jaxen got to help hold one. 
The crowd...and all the swimmers getting ready! 

1st up - swimmers!
Then bikers. This was the bike station. 
Then the runners. Here is a pic of some of the participants from our church. 
They all did excellent and one team actually took 1st place!

This next picture is so funny. Ken and James were holding their signs, taking pictures when Jaxen spotted them and came running over with the sign he was holding! Of course they laughed and took more pictures with him! 
Ken, James and Jaxen

After the race was over, they had a "Fun Run" for kids and Jaxen participated!
He ran his little heart out and did so good! 
Here is his picture with his competitors in the category of age 5 and under. 
James even made him a sign!
This is his celebratory sucker! 

That afternoon we went to a friends house. I helped her paint and Jaxen had fun with their dog!

And I'll leave you with our Sunday Selfie!

Today I have no big plans. We will probably take it easy. Plus, I have some laundry and cleaning I would like to get done before Nik comes home!

Nik comes home Tuesday and we are excited and ready to see him!

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