Sunday, July 5, 2015

Random Pictures

Here are a few random pictures that have not made it to the blog yet…

Sunday Selfie (a few weeks ago)

Jaxen and I were playing outside one day.
He ran inside the house for something, and came back with a taco shell.
And then sat down and ate the whole thing.
I thought it was so random and funny!

He likes to help me mow the grass.

While we were out to eat one day - he stuck this crayon behind his ear and it made me laugh!
I don’t remember seeing him do this before - but Nik says he does it all the time.

We had “Campfire Sunday” one Sunday at church.
And Jaxen got to go sit at the “campfire” and sing during church.
He loved it!

And this is one of those pictures that is really just for memories.
All his favorite animals (from top-left): Checkers, Bat Man, Monkey, Baby and Bear.
I don’t want to forget this stage and his animals. 
They go to bed with him every night and come down with him most mornings.
And sometimes he wants them at nap.

This kid. 
Dad’s boots.
Showing off his muscles!


  1. You forgot the gummy worm in the "things that go to bed" picture ;-)