Thursday, July 16, 2015

Speech Development Update

When Jaxen went in for his 3 Year Well Check, Dr. K raised some concerns he had regarding Jaxen’s speech development. A lot of suggestions were given and opinions made.

Nik and I have taken all the above mentioned into consideration and this is where we are currently:

The paperwork has been mailed off to a Developmental Specialist in Rochester to begin the process of evaluating Jaxen to see if there is something else going on with him, that is delaying his speech. This process will take time. I am ok with that. God made Jaxen exactly the way he is...on purpose! And he is perfect in God's (not man's) eyes! I am praying that God will use these doctors to help us and him with his speech. But if he chooses not too (or if they find nothing "wrong" with him) then I trust God has a different plan and I pray God will continue to give us wisdom regarding parenting Jaxen. 

Jaxen is currently in a summer session of speech therapy. This happens twice a week, for 30 minutes in our home and does not cost us a dime. He has been in this speech therapy program since March. Nik and I have decided to switch Jaxen from in-home speech therapy and enroll him into an integrated preschool two days a week, for 3 hours each day (paying out of our pocket). I am in the process of enrolling him. After meeting with staff and being in the classroom for a bit, we think this will be a great next step for Jaxen (regardless of the outcome from the Developmental Specialists). It is an integrated preschool, meaning that there are kids on all different levels in a class. (Kids with special needs, special services, or no services at all). They have trained and certified teachers and aids in each classroom. Jaxen will still receive speech therapy (either one on one or in a group setting, whichever seems to work best for him) twice a week. I think this “school” setting will benefit Jaxen greatly. He will learn various things that are hard to teach at home (social skills, sharing, attention span…etc). I am excited for this next step…and I think he is too!

I think that is all for now. I continue to work with Jaxen at home on speech as well as listening, obeying, helping and other general life skills!

No pics. Sorry. Since Nik got home, I have taken no pictures and we have been really busy! Maybe next post… Ha ha. Sorry grandparents!

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